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Teen Services

Developing a positive doctor-patient relationship is a top priority at The Women's OB/GYN Group. When it comes to teens, we typically begin seeing adolescent patients in their mid to late teen years. Our physicians help with common adolescent issues such as painful or heavy periods, menstrual cramps and acne. Most pediatricians can handle basic gynecologic issues girls may experience with the onset of their periods in their early teen years.  


What to Expect at the First GYN Visit

It is normal for girls to feel a bit nervous about their first visit. If having a parent or guardian accompany a young woman to their first appointment makes them more comfortable—we encourage that! 

The first visit to the gynecologist allows a young woman to become familiar with the doctor and typically does not include an internal pelvic exam unless the patient is sexually active. As a patient at Women’s OB/GYN Group, your doctor may perform a general physical exam as well as a genital exam. If a young woman is sexually active, however, we recommend a pelvic exam as well as tests for sexually transmitted diseases.

Consider this first appointment the “get to know you” period where a young woman will have the opportunity to ask questions about her changing body. At a woman’s first visit to the gynecologist, she can expect to talk to the doctor about:

  • Personal and family medical history
  • Menstruation including regular periods and any problems such as severe cramps or irregular periods
  • Other concerns such as PMS and mood swings
  • Questions about sexual activity
  • Any problems with vaginal or bladder infections
  • Questions about physical and sexual development
  • Treatment options for acne

The doctors and medical staff at The Women’s OB/GYN Group are here to put all of our patients at ease as well as answer any questions or concerns. We look forward to establishing a long and healthy doctor-patient relationship with all the young women we see!