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Cancer Screening

Cancer screening is an important part of your overall good health. Your doctor will discuss the screenings available to you and incorporate screening into your annual visit to ensure your optimal health. Screenings we typically perform include:

  • Breast cancer screening – Clinical breast exams are performed at each exam to check for any changes in your breasts and lumps. We will ask you about your family history of breast cancer and recommend you begin yearly mammograms at age 40. Our clinicians will also talk to you about performing self-breast exams at home to help you notice any changes in your breasts in between your annual visits.
  • Cervical cancer screening – Pap smears are given to test for any abnormal changes in the cervical cells. HPV testing is also given to detect the HPV virus, which can lead to cervical cancer. 
  • Colorectal Cancer Screening - Your doctor may perform a rectal exam and/or a stool test for occult blood as part of your colorectal cancer screening.